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Episode 24: Kent Dobson

Chasing after a fresh word from God, Kent Dobson found himself climbing Mount Sinai in the chilled early-morning Egyptian air.  Did he hear from God?  Perhaps…but not in the way he had hoped.  What did happen is that he was literally bitten by a camel.

Kent is a scholar, former pastor, author, and Israeli tour guide who has just released his newest book ‘Bitten By a Camel: Leaving Church, Finding God.  My experience of Kent’s book was like reading the deeply personal journey of a man who had chased after God in every way he could think of, only to be led in a direction he never expected. 

I hope that you enjoy listening in to my conversation with Kent today as we talk about his latest book, as well as a bit of his background…growing up under the original leadership of America’s ‘Moral Majority’ movement, multiple stints living in the Middle East, cable television specials on both the Discovery and History Channels, and taking over the Pastoral role left when Rob Bell walked away from church ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kent is a brave soul that has consistently showed the courage it takes to chase truth even when it takes you places you didn’t expect to go.  After listening to him today, I hope you’ll also pick-up a copy of the NIV First-Century Study Bible he’s published with uniquely helpful study notes…and for those you dreaming of visiting Israel with someone who can guide you while sharing stories and background you won’t get with mainstream organizations…he’s your man!



Helpful Links:

Kent Dobson:  http://www.kentdobson.com/

Bitten by a Camel: https://www.amazon.com/Bitten-Camel-Leaving-Church-Finding/dp/1506417744

NIV First -Century Study Bible: https://www.amazon.com/NIV-First-Century-Study-Bible-Hardcover/dp/0310938902

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