Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom

Anger, Confusion & Compassion

Anger, Confusion & Compassion Reflections on the Syrian Refugee Crisis Are we all done now? It’s what we might say to a couple of toddlers screaming at each other when they can’t get the other to do what they want. I’d like to scream this from the moral high ground for all to hear.  Sadly, […]

Ping Pong & Awkward Conversations

So let me just admit it…I really enjoy playing Table Tennis…always have. Some of you may prefer the name ‘Ping Pong’.  I can appreciate that. It’s certainly a catchier name and sounds like something that anyone can play.  At first mention I think it’s what most of us remember…just knocking the ball around.  As a […]

Do You Need Hell?

“Do you need Hell to sell Jesus?” It’s a line I’ve heard a good friend of mine share over the past few years when he’s talking to other Christians about evangelism (which is often defined, whether accurately or not, as attempting to convince a non-Christian person to convert towards putting their hope for life in Jesus […]

A Journey of Conversation

So I’m thinking of starting a blog.  And by ‘thinking’ of starting one what I really mean is that I’m beginning now, but have been scared as skippy of what will become of the whole thing.  As they say…all journeys begin with a first step…though occasionally that first step can be a doozy. In the […]