Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom

A Journey of Conversation

So I’m thinking of starting a blog.  And by ‘thinking’ of starting one what I really mean is that I am going to begin at some point, but have been scared as skippy of what will become of the whole thing.  As they say…all journeys begin with a first step…though occasionally that first step can be a doozy.

In the end a blog is just a bunch of words.  Someone’s thoughts that may or may not be interesting to read along with…and that’s not so offensive.  So why the fear? 


I’m sure it’s the same for many other writers who have come before me, but at it’s very core is the question of value.  Does my work bring any value…do people actually feel the value…do I have value?

Laugh at the ridiculous nature of the last question if you must.  It’s a legitimate response.  Of course my value as an individual doesn’t ride on the feedback of a few random readers on the other side of the inter-webs…but someone needs to send a notice to my soul, because apparently it missed the memo.

One motivation of my writing is to engage people in an ongoing conversation of life, it’s questions and it’s interesting moments along the way. 

To be fair…if people ever looked to my writings as a source for solution to life’s big questions, I would be troubled for those weary souls looking for the truth.  If however, someone with questions spent a little time interacting with my life’s experiences and stories, then I would hope that we might find a bit of mutual encouragement from each other.

I’ve spent a good deal of time in my life wrestling with the big questions of this world…it’s beauty, it’s pain and the many shady places between the two.  In the course of that wrestling I have spent serious time examining Christian apologetics…an exercise in logic and philosophy that endeavors to make sense of the world as we know it…comparing competing worldviews, scientific disciplines and on occasion even a good hypothesis or two.  I loved my journey into this world.  At one point this journey even lead me to study these questions at Oxford University which was helpful, but in reality…I’m still on this journey.  Still wrestling with big questions…still exploring…still learning.  Sometimes simply on my own, but increasingly these days by acting as a field guide of sort to others engaging the adventure these questions initiate. 

For many…especially of academic bent…this journey is a callous conversation.  An impersonal examination of available evidence that generally results in arguments at crossroads of disagreement…some arguments less cordial than others.  While I find it completely reasonable and (and at least for me) sometimes necessary to compare different positions alongside each other for review, I also find the investigative reporter mode lacking in personal touch.  These questions, after all, are a part of someone’s story.  They have faces and names running parallel below the surface of the debate over the arguments’ facts.  Faces and names with stories that connect personally with the individual you are speaking to.  Essentially, there is an ongoing relevancy measurement being taken throughout the conversation (with a BS alarm set to high sensitivities as well).

What a tragedy it would be for someone to dive into the depths of life’s mystery only to return more calloused and unfeeling than when they left.

My dream is to walk with others through these places together.  Sacred space to share conversations, with potential to alter the way one sees the world. 

To go out to the edges…peer into the mystery…take account of what is known…consider what is not yet revealed…and come back a changed person.  Free to live.  Free to love others.  Free to be loved.

These sacred conversations sometimes emerge from the headlines of our society and are worth discussion, but more often they arrive in the mundane moments of life.  The unexpected question of a clerk as you checked out of the store.  The look of loneliness you see in the eyes of someone you thought had it all together.  The genuine act of kindness from a stranger that caught the attention of your soul.

These conversations are where I hope to walk with you.  To share my stories.  To hear yours.  To consider the little moments of life that awaken a wondering in our soul. 

Perhaps this blog could be a meeting place for us.  And hopefully, along the way, we will all be the better for the time spent together.