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Episode 30: Carlos Whittaker

Today on the Fearless Questions podcast we have the chance to talk with our friend Carlos Whittaker.  Carlos is a popular speaker, writer, musical artist, and People’s Choice Award winner who you will really enjoy getting to know.

Carlos has just released a new book called Kill The Spider that dives into the difference between dealing with behavior modification and the root causes of behavior.  You’ll hear him share personal stories from his journey that will drive home the (sometimes funny and sometimes painful) real-life situations that force us all, and especially those operating from a faith worldview, to move beyond the ‘cobwebs’ that are keeping us from living our best life available.


Playing for President Barack Obama

From accidentally ‘becoming a Christian’ at a church hosted magic show to navigating the pain and recovery from real trauma, Carlos gives us a behind the scenes perspective of a man cleaning out the corners of his heart as he looks to come fully alive.


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Jeff Blackburn is a Spiritual Coach and passionate Truth-Seeker. An alumnus of Oxford University, Jeff is someone who advocates for Freedom and Fullness of Life for All. He believes Jesus offers good news for people everywhere today…not just eternity. Jeff is the Executive Director of Fearless Questions, Inc. and has spent the past 20 years working with people searching for God.