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Episode 28: Addie Zierman

If someone said that you should be ‘On Fire for Jesus’, what would that make you feel like?  For some, it’s a call to full commitment of their faith and offering their entire life for a higher purpose…for others, it sounds like a misplaced and offensive religious call to martyrdom.  It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, especially in American religious communities.

Today on the Fearless Questions podcast, we have the chance to share a conversation with Addie Zierman where she shares her story of growing-up as an all-in Christian…the good, the bad, and the wake of questions it left behind.  From her first memoir, When We Were On Fire, to her follow-up book Night Driving, Addie offers us an uncommonly honest and personal account of a girl’s heart chasing after God. 

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Some of you will resonate with her conversation surrounding the Christian youth culture of the 90’s, while others of you will be stopped in your tracks as you hear someone put into words what you have already experienced on your own…depression. 

instagram @addiezierman

Addie shares quite beautifully the journey of losing the faith you thought you needed for the unexpected gift of a faith that invites you into the unknown.




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