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Episode 19: Anna LeBaron

My friends…you are in for a special conversation today as we welcome in our new friend Anna LeBaron.  Anna is a speaker and social media strategist who has just recently released a new book called The Polygamist’s Daughter.  Her memoir is simply stunning.  In it, Anna shares her life story of growing-up in the world of her biological father…notorious cult leader Ervil LeBaron.  With 13 wives, at least 50 children, and responsible for numerous murders, Ervil (self-proclaimed the One Mighty and Strong Prophet, sent to Earth to purify the Mormon faith) was, with a couple of exceptions, physically absent from Anna’s upbringing, but his fearful and controlling influence was ever-present.

In her book Anna recalls stories of childhood abuses and mistreatment that can be hard to process.  And yet, while navigating a life on the run from the FBI and Mexican federal agents, she also manages to share the small joys and relational ties that allow a young person to survive the most challenging of circumstances. 

Running away from home at age 13, Anna’s life would still face tremendous challenge, fears, loss, and depression.

And yet….

It was NOT the end of Anna’s story.

Anna also goes on to share the ways in which God managed to redeem so much pain…The way that good can overcome evil…And the way that she came to see God having been her Father when her physical father had neglected his role. 

I’m not going to lie…hearing Anna share her story is hard.  It’s hard to think that we live in a world where people can be mistreated and dehumanized.  It’s even harder for me when I see Religion being used as the justification for those mistreatments.

While the circumstances of Anna’s story are extreme…I think you’ll find that the principles of her story have touched nearly all of our lives:

  • That it’s impossible to live loved while living in fear.
  • That fear and shame have a way of silencing our hearts questions and desires.
  • That at some point…hopefully sooner than later…we learn that leaning into our deepest questions is actually the first step towards freedom.

Today’s conversation might stir-up some memories and discomfort for some of you listening today.  If that’s you, I’d sincerely ask you to talk to someone you can trust.  Just sharing your story with a safe person can be an important first step.  Perhaps you might know a licensed counselor to talk with as well.  Anna also has some helpful processing questions put together by a licensed counselor that can be a helpful starting point for those who are trying to deal with past (and/or present) experiences of pain.

As you’ll hear me mention on the podcast today…Anna is clearly someone who has put in the hard work and time of processing through the trauma of her childhood.  She has also come to understand in a powerful way that God’s love is bigger than the pain of this world.

Anna’s voice comes from a place of knowing what God is really like.  It’s powerful to hear her share her heart and I strongly encourage you to listen in today.

Anna’s Website:  http://annalebaron.com/

Amazon link for book:  https://www.amazon.com/Polygamists-Daughter-Memoir-Anna-LeBaron/dp/1496417550

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Jeff Blackburn is a Spiritual Coach and passionate Truth-Seeker. An alumnus of Oxford University, Jeff is someone who advocates for Freedom and Fullness of Life for All. He believes Jesus offers good news for people everywhere today…not just eternity. Jeff is the Executive Director of Fearless Questions, Inc. and has spent the past 20 years working with people searching for God.