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Episode 14: Men with Friends…Sort of…or Not

Today’s episode is a bit different.  It’s only Me on the microphone today talking about Men and friends. 

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In a recent article published in the Boston Globe, author Billy Baker shares research revealing that according to Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general of the United States, the most prevalent health issue in the country is not cancer or heart disease, or obesity.  It is isolation.

While I’ve spoken a little about isolation recently in the lessons we learned from former Marine Shon Joyner today I sat down to speak directly to men. 

You’ll notice right away…it’s not very preachy or put together for that matter.  If anything…I probably wander a little bit while sharing…But that’s sort of how it is when you sit down with someone for a private conversation isn’t it? 

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There are men all around us…doing fine…sometimes even well…but are quietly suffering in relational loneliness for that lack of male friendship in their lives.

Today I share a little of my own experiences with men and friendship.  Particularly with how we can mean well and still find ourselves unhealthy…missing out on something we were made for.

If this weeks podcast isn’t for you…that’s ok 🙂 

I have a strong feeling that there are at least a few folks out there that will need to hear this today.  You may even know someone that needs to hear a friend talking to them…I hope you’ll share it with them if it seems appropriate. 



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