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Episode 06: Dr. Andy Bannister

Just a couple of months ago I was chatting with you about some of the best ways to engage in healthy and meaningful spiritual conversations with others.

One of the books that we referenced in that late October discussion on the blog was The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist…Or: the Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments 

Today on the podcast, we get the opportunity to share a conversation with the author of that book, Dr. Andy Bannister.  Andy is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity in Scotland, holds a PhD in Islamic studies, and is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology.

Andy moved through a number of topics with me that included sharing his own personal faith journey, his experiences of engaging Muslims in meaningful conversation (and at Speaker’s Corner in London), his helpful ideas about how to engage society without trying to make it become more Christian, and he offers a few good questions that will help you with your own conversations in the future.

There is a bit of internet static at a few points in the interview, but it clears up nicely for the most part.

I hope you find it a thought provoking dialogue about how you might engage the people in your own sphere of influence in meaningful conversation.

Enjoy 🙂

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Links to Information referenced on today’s show:

Andy Bannister    http://www.andybannister.net/

You can download the first chapter of his book for free here:   http://theatheistwhodidntexist.com/

Twitter: @andygbannister     http://www.solas-cpc.org/

Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/vicar-of-baghdad-when-i-invited-isil-to-dinner-they-said-yes-wel/

David Robertson    https://theweeflea.com/

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