Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom


Youth Worker Cohorts are Power-Punch Awesome!

Fearless Questions Youth Worker Training is a one year training adventure in engaging the tough questions of life, faith and God that help shape the way we think and engage the world around us.

This course is designed to prepare you to be a more effective youth influencer by offering you sacred space to wrestle with the questions you have struggled with in your own life and the questions asked of you by the students you work with.

Our aim is to help strengthen you in the way you think about hard questions of faith. Not only offering you content and perspective on tough questions, but also (and significantly) the process of engaging the conversations in a productive and loving manner. We believe in dialogue instead of debate and we believe that Love is the greatest apologetic. The confidence you develop in these areas will speak volumes to those you serve and will invite them to be fearless themselves as they engage their honest questions of Christianity.

The individual cohort training groups are generally planned as 4
two-day intensives over the course of a year. You’re going to love the timing of the training. Long enough together at each meeting to have meaningful, unrushed conversation with others…while having two months between meetings, leaves you always looking forward to your next time together.

You will have your thinking stretched, your skills strengthened and a lot of fun! You’ll also enjoy the benefit of deepening relationships with other youth workers and ongoing support from the Fearless Questions team.

If you are interested in being a part of the next cohort in your area or just have a question, contact us (info@fearlessquestions.org)…we’d love to connect.