I Create Safe Space for People Who Have Tried to Tame Their Doubts to Move Through Them and Gain a Personal Experience of Freedom and Love.

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What Others Are Saying

Jeff builds bridges...constructed with the heart of God...above the tensions and polarities this world presents. —Dennis, Executive Coach (C-Suite Professionals)
I think you and Jodie feel safe to me and others...Kinda' like it's okay to leave the mask of who we should be at the door. —Alex, Post-Grad Medical School
Jeff has a sense of humor that makes me smile on most days and laugh out loud on just as many! —Emily, Professional Counselor
I've not come across anyone who teaches the simplicity of the Gospel as well as Jeff. —Matt, Regional Sales Director (Mutual Funds)
Jeff embodies a longing for people to know the true heart of the Father. —Chris, Special-Education Teacher
Jeff has a genuine capacity to communicate love through the act of listening. —Beth, Pre-School Teacher
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