Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom

Episode 04 – Jeff Goins interviews Jeff Blackburn

Tune in this week to hear New York Times best-selling author Jeff Goins drop in and flip-the-script as he spends a few minutes asking Jeff Blackburn the questions and finding out a little more of the story behind the ministry of Fearless Questions. You’ll hear what motivated Jeff to sell everything and move his family […]

Episode 03: Wayne Jacobsen – The God Journey

Have you ever wondered what it feels like for God to speak to you? How do we even know it’s Him? What about those people who feel like God is inviting them away from the part of the church that primarily meets on Sunday mornings around the world…is that o.k.?  Is it possible to love […]

Episode 02: Erin Wilson – Preemptive Love Coalition

Are you staying warm today my friends? I hope so. And I also hope that as the Christmas season settles in over you and your family that you are able to take a deep breath and remember that God continues to accomplish His purposes in the world in spite of all the deep struggles and pain […]

Episode 01: Welcome to Fearless Questions

Ok…here’s a little update for you all who follow the blog:  It’s finally here!    Welcome to the new Fearless Questions Podcast…a place where we follow our questions to freedom!  This is another new way that we are trying to provide safe space for conversations about faith and life.  A place where we will hear from people […]