Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom

Ping Pong & Awkward Conversations

So let me just admit it…I really enjoy playing Table Tennis…always have. Some of you may prefer the name ‘Ping Pong’.  I can appreciate that. It’s certainly a catchier name and sounds like something that anyone can play.  At first mention I think it’s what most of us remember…just knocking the ball around.  As a […]

Do You Need Hell?

“Do you need Hell to sell Jesus?” It’s a line I’ve heard a good friend of mine share over the past few years when he’s talking to other Christians about evangelism (which is often defined, whether accurately or not, as attempting to convince a non-Christian person to convert towards putting their hope for life in Jesus […]

A Journey of Conversation

So I’m thinking of starting a blog.  And by ‘thinking’ of starting one what I really mean is that I’m beginning now, but have been scared as skippy of what will become of the whole thing.  As they say…all journeys begin with a first step…though occasionally that first step can be a doozy. In the […]