Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom

Spiritual Conversations and Pancakes on the Ceiling

If you fancy yourself as someone interested in spiritual things (not an expert…just interested), then at some point you probably remember finding yourself in a conversation with someone of a different worldview than you offering a new quote or fact that you feel certain is undermining the validity of your faith and belief system.  It’s […]

My Deepest Question for God

I’ve spent years studying theology. Read more books than I could ever remember. I’ve served people around the world. And I’ve sat with untold numbers of people as they wrestle through their life’s complications and unknowings. All along the way, I’ve tried to tell people that God loved them. Told them that there is redemption […]

An Autumn Prayer

So often I feel myself fighting against the force of nature around me…relationally and physically. I see the things I want to accomplish in life and I angst as the leaves change colors before my vision is realized.  I see the rows of corn being taken down by farmers before I have seen the relational […]

Finding Hope in a Political Storm

How are you feeling today, now more than 24 hours removed from the first head to head political debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?  Energized with fresh hope for a healthy and unified move forward in America? Yeah…not a lot of that going around. Sometimes we try and laugh about it all so that […]

How Me and Lloyd Dobler Network

Have you ever had one of those evenings out in public that everything you did seemed to be one step more clumsy and embarrassing than the last? That was my story this past weekend. I was at a writers conference in Franklin, TN where a number of fairly well-known writers and speakers would be attending […]

Surprised by Tears

I was sitting with a number of men a few weeks ago discussing a Bible passage from Romans chapter 8. These guys are quite bright and have given this particular section of Scripture a great deal of thought and reflection. Hanging-out primarily on the first few verses of the passage, we were reminded of the […]

Suicide Bomber, Terrorist, Boy of Extraordinary Courage

‘Uncle, uncle, uncle…help me!’  are the words cried out by the alleged terrorist Hussain as the 15 year old is carried away by authorities. ‘Iraq stops would-be child bomber for ISIS’ was the headline CNN ran a couple weeks ago. “The Story the Media Didn’t Show You” was the article that I saw on my […]

How We Talk: LGBT, Science and Truth

If you live in America and have turned on the news at any point this past year, you’ve probably heard the noise of a national debate over LGBT issues of equality and related social policies. Like so many arguments in life, there seem to be two sides to the battle with both groups believing that […]

Youth Worker Warning Lights

Do you remember that car you really loved?  It wasn’t brand new…wasn’t particularly impressive…but it just had a vibe you fell in love with.  You knew all of it’s idiosyncrasies well…the paint scraped off the rear bumper, the passenger door that only opens from the inside, the check engine light that was permanently on, and […]

What Was I Thinking?

Have you ever had one of those moments that you look back on and say “What was I thinking?”.  Those ideas or words you thought to say that at the time seemed like such a good idea. My life is full of these. Within the spectrum of the ‘what was I thinking’ category there are, […]