Fearless Questions

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Bernie Sanders Has Something to Say

Have you watched this exchange between Senator Bernie Sanders and deputy budget director nominee Russell Vought?  I think you should.  And try to observe what’s really happening…not just what fits your preconceived narrative. Many are decrying the idea of Sanders invoking a religious test for an elected official as illegal.  Others are suggesting that while […]

Episode 22: Wm. Paul Young

When you sell over 25 million books…without meaning to…well…that’s a story that I want to hear more about.  But even more than the story…I want to hear what’s in the heart and life of the guy who has walked that journey.  That’s exactly what we have the opportunity to do today as William Paul Young […]

Episode 21: Judge Paul Herbert

What comes to mind for you when I say the word ‘Prostitute’? A woman walking the city streets? Dirty hotel rooms? Perhaps a more glamorous version…like Julia Roberts in the 1990 film Pretty Woman? What if I told you that a prostitute is actually a victim of the sex trafficking industry? Because they are. Perhaps […]

Episode 20: Rob Bell

Rob Bell… Over the past few weeks I’ve been reminded of how polarizing that name is for many people…and it’s made me really sad. Not sad because so many people have disagreed with some of his theological observations over the past few years…that’s to be expected with anybody…but it’s the vitriol and hatred with which […]

Episode 19: Anna LeBaron

My friends…you are in for a special conversation today as we welcome in our new friend Anna LeBaron.  Anna is a speaker and social media strategist who has just recently released a new book called The Polygamist’s Daughter.  Her memoir is simply stunning.  In it, Anna shares her life story of growing-up in the world of […]

Episode 18: Dr. Scott Kolbaba

Have you ever lived through a set of circumstances that seemed amazing and deeply meaningful for you personally, but left you completely unable to explain those moments away without thinking that a higher power was involved? If so, you aren’t alone. Today on the podcast I’m talking with Dr. Scott Kolbaba who has been practicing […]

Episode 17: Propaganda

Some of you (more than I wish) are much like me in that you hear and see issues of race relations all around us in society, but aren’t quite sure how to engage.  You believe in equality…and you have some sense (though limited experience) that things have not always been equal for all…but the conversation seems […]

Episode 16: Sarah Bessey

You are in for a treat today!  If you haven’t already read Sarah Bessey’s books  (Jesus Feminist / Out of Sorts) or heard her speaking somewhere around the world, then you are a little late to the party, but it’s still a party, so come on in! Sarah is a deep thinker who has an […]

Episode 15: Ali Berrett

I’m so happy to be able to introduce you to my friend Ali Berrett today.  Ali is an incredible artist working from the quaint village of Eynsham which is nestled in-between the outskirts of the Cotswolds and Oxford, U.K.. If you’ve ever wanted to sit down over a cup of tea and hear a lovely […]

Episode 14: Men with Friends…Sort of…or Not

Today’s episode is a bit different.  It’s only Me on the microphone today talking about Men and friends.  In a recent article published in the Boston Globe, author Billy Baker shares research revealing that according to Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general of the United States, the most prevalent health issue in the country is not […]