Fearless Questions

Following our Questions to Freedom

Episode 31: Dr. John Walton

Our first podcast conversation of 2018 is a bit unique in that I’d like to introduce you to a professor that has really challenged my thinking in how we read the Bible (especially the book of Genesis).  I’ve been stretched by Dr. John Walton’s books and as you listen along today, I hope that your […]

Episode 30: Carlos Whittaker

Today on the Fearless Questions podcast we have the chance to talk with our friend Carlos Whittaker.  Carlos is a popular speaker, writer, musical artist, and People’s Choice Award winner who you will really enjoy getting to know. Carlos has just released a new book called Kill The Spider that dives into the difference between […]

Episode 29: Justin Brierley

Today, from the far side of the Atlantic Ocean, we are welcoming in Justin Brierley.  Justin is the Senior Editor of Premier Christianity Magazine in the United Kingdom and also host of the globally successful radio show and podcast called ‘Unbelievable?’. In my conversation with Justin, we spend significant time talking about his experience of […]

Episode 28: Addie Zierman

If someone said that you should be ‘On Fire for Jesus’, what would that make you feel like?  For some, it’s a call to full commitment of their faith and offering their entire life for a higher purpose…for others, it sounds like a misplaced and offensive religious call to martyrdom.  It’s a phrase that gets […]

Episode 27: John McCollum

In a world where there are thousands of orphaned and at-risk children, it can sometimes seem that institutional orphan care is the only practical solution available in less wealthy nations, but for John McCollum, there seemed to be a better way. Somewhere on the journey of adoption (they adopted their first child from Vietnam) and […]

Episode 26: Mike & Kristin Berry

Sometimes you hear an incredible story and wonder to yourself if the people who lived it are really so incredible as it first seemed.  Then there are those rare times when you actually get to meet those same people and find yourself even more impressed than before.  Not because they are so grandiose, but because […]

Open Q&A Coffeehouse

If you live in or nearby Fishers, Indiana then THIS SUNDAY NIGHT Aug. 20th Grab a friend or come by yourself to The Well Coffeehouse in Fishers from 6:30-8pm for an open Q & A conversation about Faith, God, and Life. We all need places to go where our questions about life are treated kindly […]

Episode 25: Paula Faris

Today on the Fearless Questions podcast we have the wonderful opportunity to catch-up with Paula Faris.  Paula is well-known for her roles as a weekend anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America and also as a co-host on ABC’s daytime program The View.  She’s won multiple Emmy Awards, interviewed innumerable national leaders and celebrities, and has […]

Episode 24: Kent Dobson

Chasing after a fresh word from God, Kent Dobson found himself climbing Mount Sinai in the chilled early-morning Egyptian air.  Did he hear from God?  Perhaps…but not in the way he had hoped.  What did happen is that he was literally bitten by a camel. Kent is a scholar, former pastor, author, and Israeli tour […]

Episode 23: Courtney Christenson

“You simply can’t hate people into loving each other.” When I read those words, I knew I wanted to hear more from the woman who wrote them in a recent article detailing her experience of trying to stand in the gap between a clash of protesting Neo-Nazis and Anti-Fascists in Portland, OR.  Just a week […]